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A Virtual Tour

newsplex asia

A 160 square-metre collaborative media lab boasting state-of-the-art technology for aspiring journalists.

Engine room

The Newsplex is also the newsroom for our campus paper, The Nanyang Chronicle.

"... A mix of learning and reporting experience."

Nicholas Tan, Chief Editor, Nanyang Chronicle (Apr 2017)

Lee Foundation Lecture Theatre

Revamped in 2015, the Lee Foundation Lecture Theatre accommodates up to 193 students. This is where all WKWSCI students take their core lectures.

The Benches

The atrium, affectionately known as “The Benches,” is second home to all WKWSCI students. Students often hang out here to study, have project meetings or simply wind down after a long day of lessons.


The student-run Communication and Information (CI) Club regularly organizes social events such as Homecoming Bash, Halloween and CS Week.

"When you talk about the benches, everybody knows where that is."

Nicole Lim, President, WKWSCI 24th Communication and Information Club (Apr 2017)

COVE Research Hub

The upcoming multidisciplinary research hub will equip researchers with cutting edge technologies and facilities to explore and expand research horizons in the cognitive, physiological, behavioral and social sciences.

Prof Charles T. Salmon, Chair, WKWSCI



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