Wu Ying Ying

Year CS'11:

Wanting to try something new, Wu Ying Ying made the switch to join technology-enabled logistics company Ninja Van in August.

“I had an amazing four-year run at ShopBack, but I knew I was getting comfortable,” Ying Ying said. “I wanted to experience a managerial role at a fast-growing tech company.”

Formerly the regional head of communications at ShopBack, Ying Ying oversaw the start-up’s communications in Singapore and six other regional markets. She was invited to be a judge for PR Asia 2018 and a panel speaker this year, a validation of her achievements at ShopBack. PR Asia is a conference for Southeast Asian public relations professionals.

Now the regional head of communications at Ninja Van, Ying Ying recalled how her six-month professional internship at Red Dawn Communications provided her a window into the real working world.

“When I pulled through that, I knew I could pull through this (working in the industry),” said Ying Ying.