Vivien Yap

Year CS'18:

Local poet and singer-songwriter Vivien Yap (CS’18) is on a roll. After graduating from the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information last year, Vivien dived headfirst into pursuing her love for literature and music.

Her latest E.P, ‘Fables’, is a five-track collection of love stories retold through pop songs that are inspired by the melancholic fantasy of fairy tales. Released in July, the EP features pop songs set to the backdrop of cinematic soundscaping.

Music has always been Vivien’s means of self-expression. “I’m driven mostly by honesty, and the need to make coherent what I feel on the inside,” said Vivien.

Poetry is another medium of expression for Vivien. Last October, she launched a book of poems titled ‘Can You Hear Me Now?’, which delves into themes of silence and suppression, mental health and self-worth.

As a strong advocate for mental wellness, Vivien has openly spoken about her struggles with clinical depression. In September, she was invited to give a talk at TEDxYouth 2019 speaking about mental illness and seeking solace through her music and writing.

As an indie artist, she does marketing and public relations for her own work. She credits WKWSCI for her six-month internship that provided her exposure to digital marketing. 

“Not only has it helped with promoting my own work, it's really helped keep me on my toes with industry opportunities,” said Vivien.