Timothy De Cotta

Year CS'11:

During his years in the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication And Information, Timothy De Cotta (CS’11) pursued his passion for music, and frequently performed with his first band SIXX throughout his undergraduate life. After graduating, he dove into the music industry without hesitation. De Cotta has since released his first solo album “The Warrior.”(


Apart from being a solo musician, De Cotta is also the co-founder of Getai Group (, a creative arts platform that aims to promote the local arts and music scene. The team was also behind the Getai Soul 2016 Festival.


“Music is a comfort and provides entertainment, but it also has the power to change the way we see the world and make sense of it,” said de Cotta  “It challenges us to think, and to own our lives instead of being mindless followers.”


De Cotta fondly recalls the memories he had in WKWSCI and how he forged lifelong friendships there.


“I think my fondest memory of WKWSCI are all of the memories actually. Because all of them led me to where I'm at in life today,” he said.