Tan Kor Woong

Year CS'15:

Since graduation, Tan Kor Woong explored her career options for a while, freelancing as a production manager before securing a full-time job doing marketing events for furniture and home decor company Crate & Barrel.

“I love what I’m doing and feel very fulfilled every day,” she shares. “However, I do miss seeing my friends everyday. Everyone is so busy but it’s nice to see everyone starting out and making a name for themselves.”

Looking back, Kor Woong is grateful for the education she received at WKWSCI, as she feels that the school has equipped her well.

“All the courses that I didn’t think much of like Public Speaking and Campaign Planning all came in very handy at work, and things I did at work didn’t feel unfamiliar or daunting because I’ve had some experience in school,” she says.