Tan Hui Er

Year CS'18:

Actress, director, and now, film-maker. After graduating in 2018, Hui Er became a creative lead in Not Safe for TV, an online visual magazine run by local video agency The Hummingbird Co.

Five months ago, the film-making company released “One Take”, a series co-written in 2018 by Hui Er and fellow WKWSCI batchmate Ben Yeo. As a fresh graduate who was concerned about securing a full-time job immediately, Hui Er translated her worries into the narrative.

The 9-episode web series was eventually produced by The Hummingbird Co. after the duo pitched the series to five different companies. Ever since its release in May, the series has brought in thousands of views, making up most of their YouTube channel’s viewership.

During her time at WKWSCI, Hui Er directed “Those Who Can’t, Teach” under WKWSCI’s student-led theatre production Paparazzi, and produced “The Crematorium Man” for her Final Year Project. Her FYP film won several awards, including the Best Final Year Project award at the Asian Television Awards 2018. She is currently directing “The Hawker”, a theatre production about the effects of redevelopment works.

Taking inspiration from both film and theatre, Hui Er hopes to bend the strictures of storytelling mediums and push the boundaries of online content available in Singapore.

“Instead of saying what we think about various social issues, we want to start a conversation about it…by holding up a mirror to [reality] to people,” she said.