Sufian Bin Suderman

Year MMC'15:

As a Senior Executive at the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine’s (LKCMed) office of Research Administration, Sufian Suderman helps to publicise the scientific aspect of medicinal research.


His responsibilities include writing articles for the LKCMed newsletter and planning events for the school, such as symposiums and seminars.


“I hope to marry my knowledge of the scientific components of the research done at the school with the communication theories I learnt in school to make it understandable for the general audience,” said the 28-year-old.


Sufian believes that the the Masters in Mass Communication programme helped him understand the theories in communications better in order to solve the practical side of things during his work.


Outside of work, Sufian can be found reading up on books to help shore up his knowledge on communications. He counts novelists such as George Orwell and Stephen King as role models whom he gets his inspiration from.


“I believe that we always have room for development and thinking, whilst also improving the practical aspect of our work,” he said.