Ng Wei Keng

Year CS'03:

After his six-month Professional Internship with Channel 8 in 2002, Ng Wei Keng knew he wanted to continue working there after graduation. However, Mediacorp didn’t have any position for him then. For four months after graduation, Ng tried his hand at sales.

“I thought the door-to-door cold calling would thicken my skin and be a useful skill in future should I land a job in journalism,” he said.

His worries were unwarranted as Mediacorp called him with an opening in September. He started off as a producer in charge of news writing and video editing. Today, Ng is a television editor in the Channel 8 newsroom.

From conceptualization to production, Ng thoroughly enjoys the multi-faceted nature of his job.

“We were exploring one-man operations a few years back and I got to research, film, write and edit the packages by myself. One such story I covered was about illegal peddlers selling sexual enhancement drugs along Desker Road.”

As an editor, he receives information in English before translating and presenting them in Mandarin. Being an effective bilingual has been key to his work, he said.