Ng Kaijie

Ng Kaijie

Year CS'12:

As Assistant Director at the Ministry of Transport (Land Division), Kaijie’s responsibilities include overseeing rail regulation for the Mass Rapid Transit, developing the transport industry through strategic planning as well as enhancing commuter experience.

Kaijie, 29, fondly remembers a time in his job when the Ministry worked together with students of the Singapore Institute of Technology to develop a campaigns for a car-lite lifestyle. Not only did this collaboration allow the Ministry to experiment with different campaign messages, but it also offered students real-world marketing experience.

His education in WKWSCI has armed him with a solid portfolio in Communications Research, which has helped him in his career, said Kaijie. He added that he finds his work at the Ministry of Transport fulfilling.

“Being able to make a very tangible difference to the lives of people, and to touch lives of many on almost a daily basis is something really amazing,” he said.