Ng Jun Feng

Year CS'12:

Ng Jun Feng has an unrivalled bond with the school.

The 28-year-old has been involved in every WKWSCI annual freshmen orientation camp since graduation. He also helps out with the TV Practicum module on Wednesdays as a teaching assistant.

Known to many current students as Jeff, Jun Feng attributes his dedication to his camp experience during his own freshman year, where seniors from different levels returned to support the event.

“I’m quite inspired by the experiences they’ve shared and I feel that I should pay it forward by keeping this culture going,” he said.

Currently a financial consultant representing Aviva Ltd., Jun Feng also runs his own company Aloebytes Pte. Ltd., which focuses on freelance photography, videography and music work.

He recounts his experience during the Short Overseas Journalism module as one of the best experiences he had. “It gets you out of your comfort zone as you learn on the field,” he said.