Marc Ha

Year CS'98:

Marc Ha, 43, is the senior vice president and managing director of Text100, a global marketing communications consultancy he has been with for 17 years.

“A former client and now friend once told me that many people take years to find their ideal job but I’ve been lucky to have found a great fit in Text100 so early in my career,” he said.

Marc shared that his WKWSCI experience gave him a solid foundation to build his “extremely exciting” career.  He particularly liked it when his professors shared stories of their time in the industry. One such professor was Dr Ang Peng Hwa, who taught him media ethics.

Marc said that to succeed in a fast-moving and competitive communications industry, “we need grit, curiosity, drive and adaptability.”

“Take your work seriously but don’t take yourself seriously. Don’t chase the career ladder or salary. Be hungry for learning, opportunities and experiences and the rest will follow,” he shared.