Lim Hwee Hwee

Lim Hwee Hwee

Year CS'00:

After graduation, Lim Hwee Hwee (CS’00) joined Lianhe Zaobao as a journalist in 2000, and worked there for more than a decade. The school was then still known as the School of Communication and Information.

To date, one of her most memorable assignments was covering the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami in Meulaboh, Indonesia -- one of hardest-hit areas during the disaster.

“It was a sobering experience as we passed through the town and saw debris everywhere,” she said.

As a journalism major, Hwee Hwee said she learned the importance of journalistic legwork such as “getting out onto the streets and talking to people to get the story.”

She also fondly remembers working for the campus newspaper - Nanyang Chronicle. Till today, she is still in touch with some of the editors and writers from that period, she said.

Hwee Hwee left the newsroom in 2013. She is currently assisting her husband run his corporate photography and videography company, The Fat Farmer.