Kwok Meng Kei

Year CS'17:

Upon graduation, Kwok Meng Kei (CS’17) decided to enter a very different industry from most of his peers. He took on the role of healthcare management executive at the Singapore General Hospital’s Emergency Preparedness Department.

“Whenever an emergency comes up in Singapore, it is my role to work with different stakeholders to come up with a coordinated response, and this is very similar to what I learnt in WKWSCI when it comes to campaigns and coming up with the right messaging,” said Kwok.

During his final year at WKWSCI, Kwok was the project coordinator of his FYP project “Breaking the Sound Barrier”, which has brought about positive changes in the employment opportunities for the deaf community in Singapore.

The project had widespread influence and attracted the mainstream media’s attention as it raised the issue of fair hiring practices in Singapore.

“We aimed to highlight the true capabilities of the deaf in workplace by sharing successful and inspiring stories that have broken the barriers against hiring deaf people,” said Kwok.

Kwok has many fond memories of the student activities at WKWSCI. While in school, he was an active member of WEETRIP, WKWSCI’s annual Youth Expedition Project (YEP) program. Through this program, he visited several villages in Laos to help the locals with basic construction.

Though he has graduated, Kwok is currently preparing for his third YEP,  where he will help the children in Sentul, Indonesia to construct multi-purpose courts at schools.