Krystal Foo

Year CS'16:

Krystal Foo is a Content Producer at OBW, the digital storytelling initiative of the non-profit organisation Singapore International Foundation. The broadcast and cinema studies major produces videos of the various story subjects spotlighted by OBW. Each video features change-makers from around Asia working in fields such as the environment, sports, and people with disabilities.

“There’s always a part of me that wants to do something meaningful, and OBW really gives me the hope that there is still good in the world despite all the crazy things we see on the news every day,” said the 24-year-old.

Foo first came across OBW in 2014 while searching for a short-term internship during the holidays.

Following her two-month stint in May 2014, OBW offered her another internship in December that year before she landed her first job there post-graduation as an assistant producer.

Looking back, Foo said she has a strong sense of belonging at WKWSCI.

“One thing that I value from my time at WKWSCI is the connections that have been made. I think being from WKWSCI gives everyone this sense of kindredness, where we can meet a fellow alumnus and easily start a conversation.”