Irwin Tan

Year CS'12:

Working at the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) may seem like an odd choice for most communications students, but Irwin Tan begs to differ.

As a senior manager at So Drama! Entertainment, MINDEF’s in-house media and entertainment agency, Tan has worked on numerous productions, from the recent Channel 8 drama ‘When Duty Calls’ to the upcoming installment of the hugely popular ‘Ah Boys To Men’ film series.

“Basically, whenever the cameras roll, we’re always there — behind the scenes, of course!” Tan quipped.

While Tan’s day-to-day also includes overseeing business relations with industry partners and analysing performance ratings for MINDEF’s products, he said that the production aspect of his job is one of the highlights. “My job allows for a unique view of production — something that one wouldn’t normally associate with a MINDEF job,” he explained.

When asked about his fondest memory of the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, Tan recalls his time as the photo editor of the Nanyang Chronicle as being particularly memorable. He credits the school for equipping him with skills such as information analysis and good communication skills that he still uses even today — but that is not all he is thankful for.  

“If there’s one thing that stood out in my time in university that I’m grateful for, WKWSCI was the place that I met my wife,” he added.