Gerald Tan

Year CS'05:

As Operations Manager for Kopitiam Investment, Gerald Tan (CS’05) currently oversees over twenty food court outlets. While he joined the company in August 2019, his first contact with the F&B industry dates back to 2009 when he opened breakfast cafe chain Hatched.

Well-known for its all-egg menu, Hatched’s first outlet was in Holland Village and its second was in Bukit Timah. Hatched was open for nine years before its final outlet closed in 2018. 

“One of my aims in life is to have my own business. I decided to go along the F&B route due to the low barriers of entry. Plus, I enjoy cooking and believed that I had an interesting F&B concept to unleash,” said Gerald. 

Gerald’s advice for aspiring business owners is to seize the opportunity and not procrastinate. 

“If you strongly believe in something that works, it is best to act on it rather than wait for everything else to fall nicely in place. Life doesn’t work that way,” he said. 

Having graduated with a communications degree, Gerald does not see the move from communications to F&B as one that is unusual. 

“I like to believe that communications form the foundation of anything, so I don’t see it as a sudden shift. Getting a degree in communications does not restrict one to only find jobs within the communications industry,” he said. 

Apart from his passion for F&B, Gerald is also keen on hospitality. In the future, he hopes to open a bed and breakfast establishment.