Foo Chee Chang

Foo Chee Chang

Year CS'10:

In his final year at school, Foo Chee Chang (CS’10) set up Vamos Photography together with Yusuf Abdol Hamid (CS’10). The duo works mainly on commercial and corporate photo shoots.

A highlight of his time at WKWSCI was interning as a photojournalist  at the Nepali Times. He spent six months in Nepal during this stint.

“I consider it my second home, and I visit it every year to see my friends and travel around the country,” said Chee Chang, who added that he enjoys trekking in Nepal.

Following the disastrous earthquake that struck Nepal last April, Chee Chang held an auction to sell  prints of his Nepal photos to raise funds for those affected.

He has some advice for current WKWSCI students heading out to the job market soon: “Focus on what you love and what drives you as a person and find something that aligns with that.”

“If you work hard at what you love, people are going to notice; the financial rewards, and more importantly the sense of purpose, fulfilment and happiness will follow,” he said.