Cheryl Wee

Year CS'11:

When Cheryl Wee  graduated from Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, she didn’t foresee that she would be living and working in South Korea five years later.

The 29-year-old has been a copy editor at The Korea Herald for close to two years. The English-language daily newspaper is published in Seoul.

In 2015, Wee took a 10-week sabbatical from The Straits Times’ news desk to study Korean at a language institute in Seoul National University. A few months after returning to Singapore, Wee left her job and returned to Korea to study the language further.

“I like Seoul's blend of nature and urban life, and its mixture of old and new. It is a very crowded city, but I can still see mountains in the distance almost everywhere I go,” she said.

Looking back, the journalism major fondly recounts her days at WKWSCI, especially when she landed her first byline in NTU’s campus paper, The Nanyang Chronicle, where she was lifestyle editor in 2009.

“WKWSCI allowed me to explore my future options in journalism through different platforms.”