Bridgette See

Year CS'98:

Even after Bridgette See (CS’98) was told by some teachers that she had no talent in writing, the 42-year-old proved her naysayers wrong by pursuing a career in journalism Today, she is the editor-in-chief of design and editorial company Tuber.


See joined Channel News Asia as a broadcast journalist in 2000. She spent four years there before trying her hand at volunteerism.


“I wanted to get out of my comfort zone before I turned 30,” said See, who backpacked and volunteered full-time with Raleigh Singapore for a year. During that time, she was a freelance writer for magazines.


As a writer, See said she initially lacked confidence and feared criticism. “I was so nervous when I sent in my article – I couldn’t sleep,” said See, who is thankful her first editor gave her a chance to write freelance, despite having no prior experience.


Later, See joined UNICEF as a Communications Consultant, where she wrote stories for the organisation in the ten months she was there. “There, I saw how important writing is for organisations like UNICEF: When donors read about the work we did in Timor-Leste, they were more willing to continue their support,” she said.


See said, "As an alumna, I'm proud to say that WKWSCI has given me my best interns. I've hired three of them so far. All came with solid reporting skills and a willingness to learn. They've been an asset to Tuber."