The WKWSCI Alumni Magazine is a collection of the latest stories featuring alumni, faculty and current students of the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information.

Published online biannually and produced by students from the Online Magazine Practicum, we aim to offer readers features and short stories accompanied by a full multimedia experience through a compelling range of photos, audio and videos.

In our latest issue, we bring to you fresh and exciting stories of WeeKids, past and present, who have established their roots here at WKWSCI and gone on to Flourish in Different Fields.

Tatiyana Emylia, Lead Editor

Emylia cannot stand writing about herself—so she got someone else to write this for her. She was once described by her English teacher as a piece of driftwood: without any real ambition, destined to float aimlessly at sea.

Five years on, she is a third-year journalism major who has dipped her toes writing in a number of industries from food to finance. Her most recent meander led her to the WKWSCI Alumni Magazine, working in a team of creatives to weave stories from the heart.

If this is what drifting looks like, she doesn't mind it much at all.

Isabel Joy Kua, Lead Editor 

A third-year journalism major, Isabel joined the WKWSCI Alumni Magazine in the hopes of honing her craft by leading a newsroom.

Isabel decided that journalism was the career for her when she was 14, after stumbling upon the sobering photographs made by photojournalist Nicole Tung in war-torn Syria. 

Since then, she has done internships with The Straits Times covering lifestyle news and TODAY, where she reported across different beats. She hopes to go into journalism full-time after graduation. 

In her free time, you can find her glued to the latest VICE documentary or reading The Atlantic’s How to Build a Life column.

Darryl Goh, Editor

Darryl is a third-year student at WKWSCI who has a passion for journalism and advertising. An avid news reader, he has always been fascinated about the inner workings of the newsroom and wants to experience leading a multidisciplinary media team firsthand. Reading past editions of the WKWSCI Alumni Magazine has allowed him to discover role models who have made their mark on the local media industry. He hopes that readers will be inspired by the stories just like him.

In his free time, Darryl blogs about the local creative scene, and makes art inspired by local new stories. He also loves watching sitcoms like The Office and Veep.

Lee Peiwen, Editor

Everything visual is right up her alley. In Peiwen’s free time, she browses through fashion and lifestyle magazines, watches old documentaries and Wong Kar Wai’s entire filmography. 

A third-year broadcast major, Peiwen picked up a minor in photography and graphic design work to broaden her visual arts experience. She joined the WKWSCI Alumni Magazine to get a taste of working in a newsroom and uncovering new and exciting stories with her team.

Right after graduation, she looks forward to travelling the world with her trusty Olympus Trip 35. Or taking as many power naps as she can.

Kristelynn Lim, Writer

Kristelynn has always been passionate about telling stories that matter. Having done an internship at The Straits Times as a journalist, she joined the magazine as a writer to feel the thrill of the newsroom again, be part of a talented team, and connect with inspiring alumni.

As a second-year student at WKWSCI who intends to take the journalism track, Kristelynn hopes to pursue a multimedia career in the future.

Though consistently busy with assignments, Kristelynn loves travelling, photography, and ballet in what little free time she has. She also has two terrapins named Seraphina and Bibi.

Chelsea Ong, Writer

Chelsea’s three loves in life are napping, eating, and consuming all forms of media. From watching Netflix documentaries and YouTube videos to reading feature articles, Chelsea loves nothing more than learning more about the lives and experiences of other people. 

A third-year journalism student, she hopes to combine her passion for writing with her love for learning about people’s stories and sharing them with the world. Joining the WKWSCI Alumni Magazine as a writer, she hopes to hone her skills as a journalist and get a taste of working on multimedia pieces as well. Chelsea hopes to pursue journalism as a career after graduation.

Ervin Ang, Writer

Football is where Ervin’s heart lies - he is fascinated by the tactical aspects of the game and the emotions it elicits. 

A second-year journalism student at WKWSCI, Ervin joined  the WKWSCI Alumni Magazine to refine his writing skills and gain further experience of being in a newsroom, before pursuing his dream of becoming a sports journalist.

When he is not watching football, Ervin embarks on spontaneous adventures across the continents - from Morocco, Slovakia to Laos. His best memories include camel-riding into the sunset at the Saharan Desert and paragliding down the alps of Innsbruck, Austria.

Velia Ng, Writer

Valuing creative environments, Velia joined WKWSCI Alumni Magazine to experience collaboration in a magazine. A third-year journalism and public relations student, Velia is eager to make the most of her WKWSCI journey by exploring different opportunities and gaining experiences. Upon leaving the school, she hopes to take the skills she learnt to greater heights and embark on another great adventure as she grows.

Damian Tan, Lead Multimedia Producer

Damian believes that there's beauty in ordinary things and that everybody has their own unique story to tell. Currently a second-year student, he joined the magazine as a Multimedia Producer Lead to hear all about these stories! 

Before Damian does anything, he always asks himself, 'Would Dwight Schrute from The Office do it?'. And if Dwight decides to do it, Damian would as well. 

After graduation, he plans to travel the world with his dog in a Vespa scooter!

Long Wen Min, Multimedia Producer

Aspiring to work in the film industry in the future, Wen Min is a third-year broadcast major who decided that talking was just too boring and mainstream for her. Instead, she feels most at home when she’s behind the camera, sharing others’ stories. This led her to her role as a multimedia producer in the WKWSCI Alumni Magazine.  If she isn't stressing over the footage she's working on from her production modules, you can find her trying to learn new choreography, writing, binging her favourite horror series, or sleeping.

Leow Choo Ching, Multimedia Producer

Choo Ching is a second-year student and a multimedia producer for the WKWSCI Alumni Magazine. She uses videos as a medium to explore her desire to uncover stories that would otherwise be untold. She joined the magazine to challenge herself to work in a newsroom setting alongside her team. 

She hopes to be a full-time video producer focusing on heartland profiles one day, producing meaningful videos that speak to people from all over Singapore.
When she’s not in school slogging over deadlines, she’s de-stressing by watching Formula 1 races or shopping for the most value-for-money deals in the supermarket.

Celine Yeow, Multimedia Producer

Celine loves animals, volunteering and uncovering stories. A second-year WKWSCI student, she joined the WKWSCI Alumni Magazine in hopes of honing her skills in producing and documenting these amazing stories.

She hopes to combine her passion for animals and volunteering with the skills she gained to discover more stories and share them.

Felix Galistan, Multimedia Journalist

After discovering his love of capturing stories from behind the lens, Felix just could not get enough. As a second-year student in WKWSCI he enjoys storytelling with visual mediums and he found his place as a multimedia journalist writing and crafting stories for the WKWSCI Alumni Magazine. Felix knows that there should be separation between work and play, but when work is fun you will find him geeking out over Youtube videos about the latest camera tech.

Gwyneth Goh, Multimedia Journalist

A hopeless romantic for stories, Gwyneth loves nothing more than to connect with people. Previously sharing stories through movement, joining WKWSCI opened new avenues for her to share stories in media and in writing. A third-year broadcast and journalism student, Gwyneth fulfils the role of a multimedia journalist in this edition’s WKWSCI Alumni Magazine newsroom in hopes of bringing stories to life through compelling visuals. After graduating, she hopes to pursue a career where she can bring stories to light and to life. In her free time, you’ll probably find Gwyneth mentoring youths from her church, watching a Netflix series or running after her nephew.

Caitlin Ng, Lead Social Media Strategist

Caitlin loves telling stories untold. She hopes to one day make documentaries on remote tribes in Mongolia or dive underwater to show the wonders of our seas. 

A second-year student at WKWSCI, Caitlin plans to pursue broadcast and journalism. She currently works at a talent agency as an assistant producer, producing content for local YouTube channels to hone skills and broaden perspectives. In a similar way, she has joined the WKWSCI Alumni Magazine to continue pushing herself in the realm of social media.

Caitlin has a deep love for the sea and finds every opportunity to dive amid Covid restrictions. Caitlin also sleep talks a lot.

Nicole Lai, Social Media Strategist

Nicole is a second-year student at WKWSCI who aspires to join the broadcasting track and enjoys producing content, be it through photographs or videos.

Being someone who indulges herself in the world of social media and enjoys creating humorous content, Nicole decided to join the WKWSCI Alumni Magazine to improve and explore the different ways of storytelling through social media as a medium. 

In the future, she hopes to create meaningful yet entertaining content that would help raise awareness of issues or touch the hearts of others. She also likes to test her boundaries in unconventional ways - namely seeing the effects on her body with too much or too little sleep.

Calista Chia, Social Media Strategist

Calista is a third-year student at WKWSCI with a love for designing and writing. Just last year, she discovered her passion for social media marketing, when she was first assigned to a freelance gig by a friend. She then joined the WKWSCI Alumni Magazine as a social media strategist to further hone her skills in this field.

Outside of school, Calista enjoys making travel vlogs whenever she visits somewhere new. She misses the days when she could still travel overseas but is thankful that she still manages to find new adventures within the sunny city.

Kenneth Chan, Lead Photographer

Kenneth is a second-year Information Engineering and Media student. With a deep interest in photography, he joined the WKWSCI Alumni Magazine to explore his creative side and hone skills outside of learning about wires and circuits. He hopes to pursue a career in UI/UX design, while shooting photos on the side to keep his passion alive. He also dabbles in film photography and enjoys exercising with friends to de-stress.

Xu Mei Cheng, Photographer

A third-year photography major at the School of Art, Design and Media, Mei Cheng values human connections and is passionate about creating photographs that tell a greater story. By joining the team, she hopes to gain greater insight into magazine production. Mei Cheng hopes to continue her passion for fashion photography after graduation. Her dream is to work with the great photographer Steven Meisel one day.

Tan Anne Zenn, Photographer

Anne’s interest in photography started from the moment her parents trusted her with their camera on a family holiday when she was five. Although most of the pictures turned out with their heads cut off, she hasn’t stopped trying to take better ones. 

As a second-year communications student, she joined the magazine to experience photography in a newsroom setting while personally getting to know alumni who’ve walked the talk.

She’s probably finding something new to do when she isn’t fiddling around with her cameras – like boxing or painting.

Ma Xiaoyu, Photographer

Xiaoyu is a third-year student at WKWSCI who enjoys putting her time and energy into creative work. She has a wide range of creative interests including photography, writing and illustration - just to name a few. She draws inspiration from her environment, the media and people she meets. She joined the WKWSCI Alumni Magazine to hone her creative and storytelling skills, which she eventually hopes to apply to crafting purposeful and impactful stories. 

In her free time, Xiaoyu unwinds by listening to music or meditating. Her bucket list includes a trip to Tibet to learn more about spirituality.

Jeremy Toh, Lead Developer

A second-year student from Information Engineering and Media, Jeremy is a budding software engineer who explores all forms of opportunities. He enjoys programming and he secretly loves it when he is able to debug others’ codes. When offered to join the team as a developer, Jeremy took a leap of faith despite his inexperience. 

In the future, Jeremy will join the software industry and he hopes to come up with inventions and innovations to change lives, if his creativity permits. Jeremy loves music and he sings everywhere he goes.

Angelica Dilidili, Developer

Angelica is a second-year student pursuing Information Engineering and Media and is a developer for this issue of the WKWSCI Alumni Magazine. She enjoys bringing creations to life through drawings and illustrations, as well as designing all sorts of things.

With her belief that getting your hands dirty is the best way to learn, she decided to venture beyond her comfort zone, hoping to learn more about what goes on behind engaging but functional websites. She is still unsure of what path the future holds but is certain that she wants to dabble in UI/UX design as well as web development.

Jessica Tan, Faculty Advisor

Jessica is a journalism lecturer with 15 years of industry experience. Over the course of her journalism career, she has worked at The Straits Times, Channel i News and Dow Jones Newswires. She has also been a contributor at Forbes Asia since 2006.
In her previous work before joining NTU in 2015, she covered a myriad of topics and profiled people from all walks of life — from billionaire tycoons and celebrities to the man on the street. 
Some of her most memorable assignments include spending a day with Warren Buffett in Nebraska and swimming with whale sharks in Western Australia.