The WKWSCI Alumni Magazine is a collection of the latest stories featuring alumni, faculty and current students of the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information.

Published online biannually and produced by students from the Online Magazine Practicum, we aim to offer readers features and short stories accompanied by a full multimedia experience through a compelling range of photos, audio and videos.

In our latest issue, we bring to you the various paths taken by the WKWSCI community in their Pursuits of Passion.

Xener Gill, Editor (Lead)

Xener is a serial hobbyist, a jack of all trades — but in her own words, a master of none.

Having been on the magazine’s editorial team two years ago, Xener is back again to test out her newfound experience and be in an environment close to that of a real newsroom before graduation. 

However, if there is one thing that has stuck with her for years, it is regular exercise. Watching her own personal fitness progress over the years is what keeps her going. 

Storytelling has always been a passion of hers and that’s why she chose WKWSCI. Through her four years in school, she has realised that besides writing, she also has a knack for photography and has since fallen in love with film photography. 

Sherlyn Seah, Editor

There is nothing that excites Sherlyn more than adventures. She loves travelling and the outdoors, and so she tries to incorporate a bit of hiking in her overseas trips. 

Her best memory of hiking was when she went for a one-week expedition in the Himalayas a few years ago.

A final-year journalism and broadcast student, Sherlyn joined the magazine to experience what being an editor would be like, in terms of coordinating content and overseeing the workflow of a simulated newsroom. 

Besides having a passion for travelling, Sherlyn also loves documenting her journeys and collecting little mementos of places she has been to. Her soft spot for retro items also means that she collects tokens such as vintage postcards. 

Deepanraj Ganesan, Editor

Football mad doesn't even begin to describe Deepanraj’s love for the game. He just about watches almost every league in the world - Australia, England, Spain, Iran and even India! And he has a dream of watching a professional football match in every country. 

When he is not watching football, he is listening to football related podcasts or reading autobiographies of footballers.

A second-year WKWSCI student, Deepanraj joined the magazine to gain further experience of being in an editorial position and have a better understanding of working with writers. 

His passion lies in sports and writing and a perfect marriage of that is sports journalism —  a career he has pursued since 2015. Deepanraj’s goal is to establish himself as a recognised sports writer beyond Asia. 

Nurin Sofia, Writer

Sofia met her first love when she was just 5 years old — a red MAC lipstick. Her mother had applied it on her for a photoshoot, sparking her enthusiasm for makeup which led her to pursue a diploma in makeup artistry. 

When she isn’t busy with clients or trying out makeup looks in front of a mirror, Sofia looks out for inspiration for her next big design or fashion project.

The second-year WKWSCI student joined the magazine to learn the workings of a real-world newsroom setting before pursuing her dream of being a beauty or travel writer. 

Sofia hopes to one day use her passion for writing and content creation to empower people everywhere and become a big-time editor of a kickass magazine, like a Miranda Priestly of sorts. 

Siobhan Tan, Writer

Siobhan loves telling the stories of other people and reading books in her free time. 

A second-year journalism student at WKWSCI, she joined the magazine to get a feel of working in a newsroom alongside other team members. Joining this module has shown her what goes on behind the scenes before stories get published.

Siobhan loves reading because it allows her to be transported to another world. In the future, she hopes to use her passion for telling stories to provide a platform for marginalised people in society to let their voices be heard. 

Helene Tian, Photojournalist

Helene loves food photography and she is obsessed with organising her Spotify playlists. 

As a first-year communications student, she joined the magazine because she knew it would give her the opportunity to take lots of photos. And her love for photography only meant it was a no-brainer!

Helene gains a certain sense of comfort when she learns to play new songs that she can’t get out of her head. So when she does have the time, she’ll whip out her guitar and strum away, as a way to relieve stress.  

Jasmine Choong, Multimedia Producer

Jasmine’s hobbies and interests revolve around the camera. She likes to capture moments and she swears by the phrase “pictures speak louder than words.” 

The first-year sociology major joined the magazine because she was curious to know how it would be like to work in a newsroom setting alongside a team.

Jasmine hopes to be a full-time photojournalist one day, because to her, it is a job that is “always packed with action.” 

Brandon Chia, Social Media Strategist

For Brandon, writing, designing layouts for print and online media, and fashion are things that get him brewing with excitement. 

He wanted to hone his skills in design work as he began his journey in WKWSCI, and thus joined the magazine in his freshman year.

With a love for all things fashion and style, Brandon goes the extra mile when it comes to his daily attire. Let’s just say, you will never catch him looking anything but glamorous! 

Caleb Lau, Photographer

Though not quite a chef, Caleb loves baking cakes and pastries because he loves how they can bring joy to people. He shares his baked creations with family and friends and he enjoys the process as a way to destress. 

A first-year WKWSCI student, Caleb joined the magazine to get a firsthand experience of what goes on in newsrooms and how photography complements writing. Through this experience, he has honed his skills as a photographer.

Aside from baking, he also has a love for all things music, particularly the violin. Since picking it up at the age of four, playing the violin has become a creative form of expression of his musical tastes. 

Jessica Tan, Faculty Advisor

Jessica is a journalism lecturer with nearly 15 years of industry experience. Over the course of her journalism career, she has worked at The Straits Times, Channel i News and Dow Jones Newswires. She has also been a contributor at Forbes Asia since 2006. 

In her previous work before joining NTU in 2015, she covered a myriad of topics and profiled people from all walks of life — from billionaire tycoons and celebrities to the man on the street.

Some of her most memorable assignments include spending a day with Warren Buffett in Nebraska and swimming with whale sharks in Western Australia. 

Jessica’s personal goal for the new decade is to carve out more time and space for her often-neglected passion - fiction writing.