Conquering The Literary World

Dr Ng King Kang (MMC’98) wears many hats. Besides his full-time job as a journalist at Lianhe Zaobao, he has authored 21 books and penned hundreds of Chinese songs for renowned singers like Andy Lau.

Passionate about writing since his university days, Dr Ng King Kang (MMC’98) has gone on to make waves in the journalism, literary, and song-writing scenes. PHOTO: TAN ANNE ZENN

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A full-time job is fulfilling enough for most, but Dr Ng King Kang (MMC’98) is not satisfied unless he has completed at least one book every year.

“I think one of the most satisfying things in life is being able to share my thoughts and feelings with my readers. Besides that, I write in hopes that my creative writing will inspire some people,” said Ng.

“Some people choose to spend their time shopping or doing charity, but personally, writing is what I enjoy the most and it’s the one talent I have.”

Dr Ng King Kang

A senior correspondent at Lianhe Zaobao for the past 33 years, Ng has become not only a published author with 21 books, but also a prolific singer-songwriter. He has penned hundreds of Chinese songs for famous singers such as Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau, Stephanie Sun, and more.

Ng’s upcoming book titled “Covidivination 2030” will be his first-ever fantasy novel and is set to be published in November this year. Written in both English and Mandarin Chinese, it consists of 100 short stories and depicts a world in 2030 where COVID-19 is still prevalent.

Ng’s passion for writing dates back to his university days when he first started freelancing for Lianhe Zaobao as an undergraduate.

Although he had always been interested in studying communications, there was no specific communications course then, so he pursued a Bachelors in Arts at the National University of Singapore instead.

Nearly a decade later, Ng enrolled in the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information as a Masters student in its pioneer batch. He later completed his PhD in Mass Communications, specialising in Arts and Communications, at Australia’s Deakin University.

Attributing his accomplishments to his “energetic younger self”, Ng said: “I enjoyed accomplishing things under stress. That’s how I grew. But now, I don’t think I can find the same amount of energy as before.

“Perhaps the only thing I still want to accomplish is for one of my books, or a song I’ve sung, to go viral,” he added.

Ng doubts he will ever put a pause on his personal projects, and said he already has plans for another book to be published: a collection of all his song lyrics to date. The book was supposed to be released in 2019 but has since been delayed due to the pandemic. For now, Ng will be focusing his efforts on the upcoming “Covidivination 2030”.

“Some people choose to spend their time shopping or doing charity, but personally, writing is what I enjoy the most and it’s the one talent I have. I treasure it and I want to share it with others,” said Ng.