For The Love of Podcasts

Sejal Bagaria (CS‘22), Shane Soh (CS‘21) and Deepanraj Ganesan (CS’22) go above and beyond to keep their passion in podcasting alive.

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Sejal Bagaria (CS‘22), Shane Soh (CS‘21) and Deepanraj Ganesan (CS’22) have one thing in common: their passion for podcasting.

The medium has seen a surge in popularity over the past few years, where podcasts have nestled their way into the hearts of a multitasking majority itching for entertainment amid their busy lives. 

Anyone can start one: all that is needed is a microphone and a story. Akin to on-demand radio, podcasts can be about anything and everything, from finance to celebrity gossip.

Rather than fame or money, creating connections and communities is the goal for many podcasters. “If I can help just one person, whether it's to put a smile on their face, or resonate with what I’m saying, it will make my day,” Sejal said.

As avid listeners of podcasts themselves, the trio share what got them started on their own projects, the struggles they face and what drives them to keep on going.