Creative Partners in Film

Filmmakers Bambby Cheuk (CS’20) and Jessica Heng (CS’20) walk us through their creative processes and the fruitful partnership that emerged from their university days.

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In this multimedia feature, two alumni of the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information—Bambby Cheuk (CS’20) and Jessica Heng (CS’20)—sit down to discuss the evolution of their collaboration and why they choose to make social documentaries.

Cheuk, 24, works as a full-time science video producer, while Heng, 24, is a freelance writer-director.

Cheuk was awarded the 2021 #fACE Award for Most Inspirational Female Filmmaker by Viddsee and Deloitte. Heng’s documentary short, “Koon Seng Road”, won the URA Heritage Short Film Award in 2017. 

Their collaborative works include their Final Year Project, “Baby Boy” (2020), a short film which featured youth in-risk in a local Singaporean context. The film was awarded the Cinematography Award for A Show For A Change Film Festival 2020 and received the Special Mention Award for the National Youth Film Awards 2020. 

In this video, their conversation reflects on four of their collaborative films produced over the past two years and the journey behind each idea.