Stories From Our Fringe Communities

Over the past eight years, photographer Zakaria Zainal (CS’10) has been exploring lesser known communities in Singapore, and telling their stories through his work.

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In 2009, Zakaria Zainal (CS’10) and fellow alumnus Chong Zi Liang (CS’10) uncovered the untold stories of retired Gurkhas during an internship in Nepal. 

Since then, Zakaria has continued to explore lesser known communities, and tells their stories through photography projects like “Island Nation” and “R!OT Recollection.”

"Our Gurkhas: Singapore Through their Eyes,” and “The Invisible Force” published in 2012 and 2014 respectively, chronicled the sacrifices the Gurkhas made as young men leaving home to protect a foreign land. The photo books also explored the perception of the Gurkhas as men who are fit, brave and fiercely loyal.



In conjunction with the SG50 celebrations in 2016, and the Singapore Memory Project, “Island Nation” documents the lives of communities who lived on smaller islands away from the mainland Singapore. 

“R!OT Recollection,” a photobook published by Zakaria, offers an alternative view of the 2013 Little India riots, told by different people who were there.